1 Month · 31 Days · 744 Hours · 44.640 Minutes

It is September, the summer draws to a close …

You wake up and write another point on your packing list. You’re sitting in the ICE and ask yourself if the buses or trains are just as comfortable in South America. You are standing in the shower and train to get the showers by getting no water in the mouth. The thoughts revolve only around the travel and each conversation with friends or family always steer in the same direction automatically.

„The best is yet to come – Frank Sinatra“

If we were to explain or define anticipation, then it would be that we are experiencing these small moments in our everyday lives. There are exactly the situations that put us a smile on the lips, because we know – soon we go.

We start counting the days and are still trying to implement and introduce ourselves that we will return soon our backs on Germany for six months and will travel in the world. Nevertheless, we stop because we also get the news about the current refugee situation. People leave their country involuntarily and seek refuge in Germany. Germany, a country where it is really going well for us, where we have a roof over our heads and where we can live well protected. A country where we lack nothing and we leave voluntarily? If one would ask a refugee for his opinion he would think we are crazy. However, we hope and we are sure that we are welcome all over the world and look forward to encounters with other people and cultures.

We have achieved the „just one more month“ brand and our excitement increases slowly. The first apartment is sublet, the car has got its season mark and the blog is ready. Now we are like a cat on hot bricks and cannot wait it finally starts.

If you feel like it then accompany us in our adventure. Be always there when we report live from our experiences. We hope so we can appease your wanderlust a little bit or maybe you pack your backpack soon, too!

Salutes still from Germany,
Tina & Andi of Itchy Feet

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