Everything was prima in Lima

The adventure beginns

We were already quite excited when we stood in front of Julio’s door at 8 clock, our first couch surfer, unsure if we were not a little too early. After ringing several times an oversleeping looking host we had seemingly dragged out of bed opened the door. :)

After we had given him a short start-up period, he showed us his beautiful paradise where he lives with his family. Each forest would turn green with envy at the sight of plant diversity and the extraordinary birdsongs. We felt very comfortable immediately.

Of course we did not want to miss the opportunity to cook with a chef in the fine art of Peruvian cuisine. So we went to buy the things for all the courts „papa a la huancaína“ and „locro“ in the nearest supermarket with Julio. We roamed the diversity of various fruit and vegetable species and were quite taken by the blue corn, plantains and sweet Granadilla. In the evening it was for us, as well as Anna and Lina, two other couch surfers from Germany, to whittle, stomp and puree. Julio whirled through the kitchen like a wild man and gave orders to the left and right what we should do. His work made our mouthes water. When we were done finally we placed everything on our plates and we could just hear the smack of our pleasurable.

For the next two days we were exploring the city and enjoying the sun. We strolled along the cliff promenade of Miraflores and splurged a freshly squeezed shake overlooking the sea. The historic old town, which shines with its partially restored center to its former glory we explored on our own and we tasted various steetfoods. A trip to the market hall gave us a good insight into the eating habits of Peruvians.

The last afternoon we spent at a private guided tour of the Miraflorens and Barranco district with Julio. These are located in the south of the old town on the steep bank of the Circuito de Playas and the Costa Verde. Passing nice villas and manicured gardens we stopped at the restaurant „El Muelle“ in town district Barranco. Here we had the opportunity to try various dishes and we have to admit that we ate rarely so good and cheap fish.

In the hours before our departure Julio wanted to give us an insight into the nightlife of Lima. In the bar „Huaringas“ this meant for us to get into a Pisco Sour tasting and we even drank our way through the menu. But we should not leave this city without another specialty. Julio alias Schumacher raced with us to the restaurant „La Panka“. Here we ate some very delicious grilled meat, just to get the information that we ate cowhearts in different variations after paying.

In Lima with Julio we had the perfect start in Peru. Now it was for us to go north towards Huaraz. Hopefully we will break our personal altitude record there.

Salutes from far away,
Tina & Andi from Itchy Feet

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