May it be a little “sea”?

Chilling at the coast of Paracas!

Having arrived in Lima our plan was to book a night bus at 3:30 clock to Paracas. But it never happens what you expect. The bus was full and we stood there stupidly. This meant for us to take the next one at 7 o’clock and try to kill the time. But luckily there was the spontaneous Julio and so we enjoyed the night with food, band practice and cocktail mixing. At 3 o’clock he took us to the bus station. The remaining hours were like a walk in the park.

In Paracas we wanted to relax for a few days and do nothing. Because of that we chose the hostel „Kokopelli“ which was right on the beach. We had just not reckoned with the young party crowd that can have a hell of a party. But now we just wanted to put on our bikini and swimming shorts, lie in the sun and put the feet in the sand. The sound of the sea was the last thing to close our eyes immediately. In the evening we went to explore the town. Halfway barbecue smell rose in our noses and we followed it. We found the object of our desire in a side street and were delighted by the sizzling meat mountains. They grilled burgers without a lot of effort, steaks and Chorizopans which you could enhance with lettuce, tomato and numerous sauces. For us the purest gourmet highlight. It was rounded off with a little show of a freestyle drummer.

Paracas is also used as a starting point for countless activities like sandboarding, buggy riding or kiting. But also to the Nazca Lines, it is only a stone’s throw away. One should also not miss the numerous range of fresh fish.

For us, after two days it was to move on and so we made our way to Colca Canyon where we meet the majestic Condor. So we hope!

Salutes from far away,
Tina & Andi from Itchy Feet

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