Puno – The floating islands

All my clothes are so colorful

We arrived in Puno from Cusco after a seven hours overnight journey at 5 o’clock in the morning. We took a taxi to our guest house directly hoping that someone was awake so early. In nightgown and slightly sleepy but with a smile on his face Consuelaa opened the door for us. After a brief welcome we could curl up in the living-room and close our eyes again. A moment later we were awakened by the smell of coffee and we got a great breakfast as we had not had throughout Peru yet.

After we had got a general idea of what we wanted to do here, we let Edgar book two tours for us and went in our room. Unfortunately very dark clouds came up in the sky and it started to rain very badly. Since Tina was struggling with a cold, and her stomach grumbled we did not want to spend the day in the rain and so we enjoyed some rest and spent the day in bed. Since we were also not willing to leave the house for today, Consuela cooked an excellent lunch for us in the evening.

The next morning we were woken up with bright blue sky and sun and so we started our trip to „Floating Islands“. These floating islands are on the Lake Titicaca and they are inhabited by the descendants of the Uros which were never conquered by the Incas. On one of these island we were instructed in the art of building and the associated life. After the floating islands we went to the „Isla de Taquile“ by boat. On the island you feel a Mediterranean flair immediately. Here you walk past ancient terraces with green farmland and reach the top of the village square thirty minutes later. From here you can look over the Lake Titicaca and you can see Bolivia in the distance. On the other side it went again downhill towards the water. In a small restaurant with a wonderful panorama of the lake there was the long-awaited fresh fish for us finally. Here we got another history lesson about the inhabitants and their tradition is still attached with importance. So you can recognize on the hats of men whether they are married or not :). Thus woman saves a lot of disappointment and anger.  

We cruised back to Puno and the associated end in Peru by boat.

Salutes from far away,
Tina & Andi von Itchy Feet

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