Copacabana – Isla del Sol

On the sunny side of life

Our first border crossing on this trip was very relaxed. We were driven from Puno along the Lake Titicaca to passport control by bus. After having left Peru we went into a small cubbyhole to get the entry stamp for Bolivia. A new country with new money, new conversion rate and other prices.

In Copacabana we checked into our hotel „La Capula“ which offers wonderful views over the bay and the countryside. In the hotel there is a great Greek restaurant. There they serve delicious fresh fish but mainly you should try the moussaka here. This we had copied of the German couple Luisa and Niko. After the usual exchange of „where do you come from“ and „where are you going“ Niko gave us the information that you can buy dynamite in Potosi to blow it up by yourself in the mines. At this very moment it had happened to Andi and we knew that we have to see the two again.

Despite the bad weather forecast we planned the visit of Isla del Sol, the sun island, the next day. For this purpose we took the first boat towards the northern tip in the morning. From here it’s 45 minutes to the top of the ruins. The subsequent path to the south takes about 3 hours and performs uphill and down leisurely. On the path you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this island repeatedly. Luckily the island lived up to its name and the individual bays glistened with their colorful water in the sun and it is difficult to get enough of this sight.

On the south side there are several accommodations where you can spend a night on the island. However we took the last boat back to Copacabana and were looking forward to a hot shower and to the food in our restaurant. The next morning we took the first bus to La Paz.

Itchy Feet Insider: At the crossroads where the buses depart there is Carlos with his humus and lenses sandwiches. Rarely we had such a good packed lunch. Indescribably delicious!

Salutes from far away,
Tina and Andi from Itchy Feet

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