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We are back! – Ups
In mid-April we landed in Germany safely, we met our family and friends and returned to our companies. But how can that be? According to the current blog entries we are still in South America. Something doesn´t fit so it does not surprise us that we get placed during and especially after our trip with following questions:

„Somehow the current location does not fit to the blog articles. Where are they now?“ – „You are already there? I thought you are still in Patagonia on the go.“ – „You said you wanted to go to New Zealand and Asia, but after your return on the blog is still to see South America. Were you only in South America? “

When we created the blog before the trip, it all sounded so nice and easy for us. There are plenty of situations in which we can write. For long bus rides, for example, who are predestined. Or sometimes on the beach in a hammock, it can hardly be a more cool office! But then you meet the reality. When you’re wandering six days from morning to night with very little sleep, then you don´t sit in the night bus 3–4 hours to write down what you have experienced. You sleep!
And let us be honest, if you are lying on a white beach with palm trees and gimmicks in the hammock, your tablet is the last thing you’re thinking of. And so the gap between the blog entries and the here and now was getting bigger. In the beginning there were 2 weeks and you say to yourself, it’s not so bad. At the end of the 6 months, there are 3 months, and you’re thinking – „Oops, somehow we let it slip a little bit.“ But did we let it slip? Do we want to spend the next hikes, tours, impressions and encounters with writing in every spare minute? Maybe miss something, just to finish a blog post? No, we did not.
Of course it is fun to live through the last few weeks again to look at the photos. But missing something because of writing? Sitting in a hostel in front of the tablet instead of driving through the Uyuni with a group from Italy and Holland? No! We do not travel to write, we travel to discover and enjoy writing about it!

For this reason we will continue to write. There are so many stories that are worth telling. The hitchhiking in New Zealand , the 20 purchased bulbs in Hanoi and the visit of Ankor Wat are experiences that we will not hide from you !

Salute from here and now,
Tina and Andi from Itchy Feet

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