Kaikoura – In touch with the giants

Everyone is watching the sea. Againand again someone said: „Here, there is something!“ or „There is a fin!“ And the whole group reaches out to catch the first view of the Paraoa (Maori for sperm whale). At some point we saw the fountain of water and the next moment the big caudal fin rose in the air and a murmur went through the crowd. It is a majestic view of these great creatures that can be seen by the breath.

„The world is changing, i feel it in the water,
i feel it in the earth, i smell it in the air.“
– Galadriel –

In the tour, by the very responsible provider Wale Watch Kaikoura, we could observe several sperm whales and even single sharks. Since the whales always remain the same time under water, the time of emergence of the individual whales can be estimated very well. Whale Watch Kaikoura is the only company licensed to whale-watch and we never had the feeling that this responsibility was handled lightly. For usa very good provider and an absolute must if you pass Kaikoura.

The day before we drove directly from Motueka to Kaikoura. After the hitchhiking on the South Island had not started so well, it was going smoothly now. We were brought back to Nelson and found a nice couple, which took us all the wayto Kaikoura. Shortly before our arrival we spied a seal colonyon the roadside. They had made themselves comfortable on the stones and sunbathed. Since we had just inserted a new memory card in our camera, the trigger was running at full speed by dear Tina. Before that Andi did not know that you can take the same-looking objects from so many different angles. Here Tina shot down the bird, er sealion.

Salute from here and now,
Tina and Andi from Itchy Feet

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