Rurrenabaque – The jungle paradise

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Our first thought when we went on the airfield of the airport La Paz was actually very positive. Good machine, spacious and very trustworthy. So we went straight for the stairs and wanted to look for our seats when a puzzled tarmac staff pointed in the other direction. Our eyes wandered to the right and we saw a small tube with wings and wheels and only thought: „Oh my God“. The small clouds jumper had space for about 25 people and had a decisive advantage, you did not have to worry whether the hand baggage fits into the shelves above the heads. There simply were none and so we packed our backpacks in the corridor.

We do not usually have any problems with flying but after 40 minutes we wanted to kiss the ground in Rurrenabaque. We left the airport, uh, the arrival house and took a taxi into town and looked for a hostel. After a few less good places we found the hostel „El Lobo“. This extremely beautiful apartment is located on the river, offers spacious rooms and a lovely pool. Here we enjoyed a cold beer firstly and let the sun light on the belly.

In order to realize our plan to get into the jungle, we went to look for a tour provider in the afternoon. After much back and forth we chose the more expensive providers Madidi Travel.

More about our jungle experience you can find here:

After a stormy return journey from the jungle we reached Rurrenabacue in a tropical rain. Here we got the news that all flights were canceled and the next day we may stay longer at this beautiful spot.

The next morning we followed the smell of fresh croissants and found ourselves in a French bakery. The perfect start to a relaxing day. We enjoyed the sun at the pool and were surprised about the bad weather forecast. But we did not care.

We completed the day with a dinner with Debbie who spent an extra night in the jungle. As our flights were moved the following day some more hours back we strolled through the village.

Itchy Feet insider: In front of the small dairy „Queseria Pequeña Suiza“ we wondered how the advertised menu tasted. When „very good“ sounded aloud from inside, we had to taste the fish soup and the lasagne. We were not disappointed and had almost a guilty conscience because of such a low price. Those who come to Rurre have to eat here and must not miss the fresh „Pie de Limon“.

At half past five there was our flight back to La Paz.

Salutes from fare away,
Tina and Andi from Itchy Feet

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