Ushuaia – The supposed end of the world

Truth or lie?

For the Argentines their spot is the best of the best. They have the best football players, the biggest financial break down and the best meat, which, exceptionally, is not entirely wrong, and just the southernmost city in the world. But what does this southern town, end of the world, mean, there is nothing more. If you paid attention in geography, you know that there are still some small towns like Puerto Williams or Punto Arenas. But the Argentines do not matter. For them Ushuia is the southernmost city in the world, even if it is a lie.

„I go with you wherever you like,
even to the end of this world.“
– Nena –

The flight to Ushuaia lasted only three hours but catapulted us into a completely different world. Just in Buenos Aires at 30 degrees, Ushuaia greeted us with an icy wind and frosty six degrees. The city is known for its bad weather and mass tourism. Every day tourists are brought to Antarctica in their thick and colorful jackets by cruise ship from here. One might almost think they go on an expedition for months.

The main road San Martín leads through the small town that looks like a mountain village in the Alps. You can get everything for a lot of money. There are many shops in a row where you can find restaurants and outdoor shops on the right and left side. There you can be completely equipped for an expedition with ice axes and crampons. Between them there is a small supermarket for the everyday things of life here and there. But do not forget that everything has its price!

In the hotel Tina lay down on the floor. Sounds strange at first, but with the floor heating that was just the warmest place at the other side of the world. Later all tour members were tumbled together for the first big „come together“. With beer and sandwiches we were inaugurated in the exciting adventures overland trip by Emma and Jaime.

The next morning we started very early in the sunny day. After a short drive out of Ushuaia we crossed the Strait of Magellan by ferry. If this is the southernmost ferry in the world? ;)

After our first night in a tent somewhere in nowhere, we reached our first of five border crossings and headed to the „Torres del Paine“ National Park.
More about our time in the national park you can read here:

Salute from far away,
Tina and Andi from Itchy Feet

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