Patagonias little stories

Secret Santa Celebration
It was our first Christmas without family and friends. Far away on the other side of the world there should be no Christmas tree, no Christmas turkey and no cozy fireplace this year. These days of our trip could have been very lonely if we had not had our great crew with us. With a few Christmas decorations Yana became our Christmas Mobile and we drove into the day with your spezial christmashitlist. After we had prepared everything at our campsite we gathered between the tents and held a secret Santa Celebration in brilliant sunshine. According to ancient custom imp everybody of the group dragged a name and bought a Christmas present for some dollars. Our Christmas cobold Jaime could then distribute the gifts to the respective imp. People were laughing, giggling and bawled and when the 8th or 9th Patagonia calendar was unpacked there was no stopping. The culinary presents were passed around and destroyed on the spot.

„Experience stories which you tell later with pleasure.“

Capillas de Marmol
One or two days after Christmas we spent the night at a cozy little Campsite on „General Carrera“. This lake is located on the Chilean and the Argentinian side. It is the largest lake in Chile and with a length of 200 kilometers the second largest in South America. Here you can find the Capillas de Mármol, bizarre rock island with deep caves of marble. Shaped by wind and water these huge caves, that conjure up a great color game, were created when the sun dips its rays into the water.

Since the caves are accessible from the water only, we went on the lake by boat and we plunged into another world. The water around us glittered in azure blue and we glided through the various caves and we had a closer look at the marble structure. The water was so clear that you could almost see the floor.

Again we could discover a little jewel of nature, happy and with sparkling eyes it was for us back to shore.

A gaucho named Andi
On the cattle ranch „Cabalgate Aventura“ it should finally happen that Andi turned into a true gaucho with horse and all Pi Pa Po. And he looked very authentic as he walked across the yard with his jeans, the leather gaiters, the helmet and the blue raincoat. Ready to bring the herd back home. But a gauchogirl must not be missing, so Tina climbed the horse and both rode their way into sunset … Ok, it wasn´t like this, but pretty close! ;)

But as a gaucho cannot just live from air and love, an excellent lamb barbecue was served for the entire troop by the lady of the house. This evening we finished with several wines in good company.

Salute from far away,
Tina and Andi Itchy Feet

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