Bariloche – A place we will never forget

Lakelands at the foot of the Llao Llao
Bariloche is a small Argentinean town in the province of „Rio Negro“ and is located on the lake „Nahuel Huapi“ at the foot of the Andes. The idyllic village embedded in a green mountain landscape has emerged as a major tourist destinationin recent years. Whether the extreme sportsmen, fishermen and bathers come in summer or the skiers and snowboarders in winter, Bariloche is always worth a visit.

„Jump brave into the new year,
with happiness and friends it will be wonderful.“

Alberto´s Steaks
We reached Bariloche the day before New Year’s Eve and checked into our hostel for the next two nights. It is on the 23 kilometer road that leads to the National Park on the lake Nahuel Huapi like most accommodations. Since we had to take care of the catering like in any hostel, we decided to eat a really good steak again. Luckily our guide Emma knew the best steak restaurant in town, so we followed her into the „Parrilla El Boliche de Alberto“ with hungry stomachs. It’s hard for us to say if the steak was better here than our disclosure in Buenos Aires, but after we entered the restaurant, we were able to take a look at the grill immediately and we knew this will be delicious.

On New Year’s Eve we were awakened by bright sunshine and so we could not wait to take the bus into the small Nahuel Huapi National Park. With the beautiful weather we thought that we would have to share the way with hordes of other walkers, but far from it. Since we had not met anyone on the first 500 meters, we wondered if we ever run correctly. However it was breathtaking when we turn to the inactive volcano „Llao Llao“ and reached the summit. At that moment we knew that we are at the right place. We were on a small rocky plateau overlooking the entire mountain and lake panorama and saw how the condors roamed the skies. For us a very special place that we will never forget. ;)

The national park offered us several beautiful places to marvel at and enjoy. The many small bays were not crowded despite the beautiful and warm weather, giving us again the opportunity to insert a quick break and to enjoy the icy water.

After about four hours we made our way home. As at Christmas we had agreed to provide the New Year banquetwith the help of some other crewmembers. Since we were still in Argentina it was for Alex and me again to gather wood and fire the grill. This time we had mountains of chorizo sausages on the grill. The girls cut tons of vegetables and prepared salads and bread for the evening event.

With a full stomach and a smile we let the corks pop at midnight and welcomed the New Year with a small open-air party.

The next morning we went to Pucon. More about our adventure on the volcano Villarica you find here:

Salute from far away,
Tina and Andi Itchy Feet

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